Peter is a Belgian multi talented musician. As a composer, an organist/pianist, a conductor and a teacher, he likes to inspire people and to let them enjoy ‘in the moment’. He is always in for a solo project, but he loves to work together with other great musicians or artists. 

In his career it is a well-considered choice to walk different paths. The common thread through his activities is the fun of playing together and a ‘gut’ feeling.

He rarely avoids a new challenge, which results in a lot of crossover projects and concerts with an original and surprising approach. 

His choral work 'Le soleil éclipsé' (text G. Van Riel) was recorded by the Flemish Radio Choir (conductor Bart Van Reyn) as part of the World Choir Games 20-21.

In addition, the EP 'First Impression Recordings' has been released online in 2020. A snapshot of 6 of his solo piano works…

For ‘O Rosa bella’ - another choral piece - he had an international collaboration with the Italian singer, conductor and sound engineer Diego Ceruti. The piece was released as a ‘corona gift’ to all choirs in lockdown. The Flemish choir organisation Koor&Stem included the work in its press releases and online library.

Since March '22 new releases such as 'The next 40 years' and 'Kept Inside' are coming your way. And it is not finished yet. The full album 'In the moment' (CD and LP!) is now available. A sign that Peter makes it a point to bring his own music more to the world.



° 19 maart 1979